Jason Frieman proposes and conquers!

Jason Frieman – NSF Fellow, Lockheed Martin Scholar, and Hall effect thruster extraordinaire successfully proposes and is off to do his research.

Jonathan Walker defends his thesis!

After six long years of hard work and research Jonathan Walker successfully defends his thesis. Yet another solid researcher and engineer to come out of HPEPL. We hate to see him go, but we’re happy for him and his family. The best of luck to you John, oops, we mean Dr. Walker (British accent)!

Connie wins the AIAA Neil Armstrong Award!

Our very own Connie Liu is the recipient of the AIAA 2016-2017 Neil Armstrong Graduate Award. The AIAA has done a special write-up congratulating Connie in their September 2016 Member Spotlight newsletter.

Aaron successfully defends thesis!

All those hours of polishing the ceramic and wrangling the ion deposition chamber to work have paid off. We knew you could do it! To read his dissertation, please go to the publications page thesis dissertations.

Natalie Successfully Defends her Thesis!

Congratulations Natalie on defending your thesis. The donuts during your defense were delicious. To read her dissertation, please go to the publications page thesis dissertations.

With a great understanding of his audience, Walker was able to secure 1st place in the Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) competition. By boiling down his doctoral thesis “Electrical Facility Effects on Hall Effect Thruster Operation” to something less intimidating, his talk (“Leaving Ancient Rocket Engines Behind”) explains electric propulsion and some problems encountered when testing on the ground. For more information go to: http://ae.gatech.edu/node/1922

Congrats on defending your thesis Sam!

Samuel Langendorf a PhD student at the HPEPL lab has successfully defended his thesis and on his way to a new job as a Postdoc at Los Alamos! To read his dissertation, please go to the publications page thesis dissertaions.

ARCS Scholars Award

HPEPL is proud to announce that Jason Frieman (current PhD student) has been awarded the Achievement Rewards for Academic Scientists (ARCS) Scholar Award. This award recognizes outstanding doctoral students who have a record of past achievement and who show exceptional promise of making a significant contribution to the worldwide advancement of science and technology. For more information, please refer: https://www.arcsfoundation.org/

New Publication

Lake Singh, Mitchell Walker, “A Review of Research in Low Earth Orbit Propellant Collection,” Progress in Aerospace Sciences, Volume 75, May 2015, Pages 15-25. Fulltext added to publications page.

New Publication

Samuel Langendorf, Mitchell Walker, “Effect of Secondary Electron Emission on the Plasma Sheath,” Physics of Plasmas, March 2015, Vol. 22, 033515. Fulltext added to publications page.